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Opening/ordering Hours: 7 days
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We are open for emergency Plumbing work, located in Mangawhai. Call Mike Allan

Phone number: 0223942492
Email to order:
Area: Mangawhai, Kaiwaka
Opening/ordering Hours: 24/7 on call
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Hi we are available for essential gas and plumbing work!
Call Billie Jo

Phone number: 0212455431
Area: Mangawhai
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Graham Slatter

Greater Kaipara area based in Maungaturoto

Phone number: 0272445430
Other phone number: 09 4318451
Email to order:
Area: Maungaturoto
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Here to help if anyone has a Gas or Plumbing emergency.

Call us on

09 431 2468 – Kaiwaka Mangawhai and Maungaturoto areas

09 439 2580 – Ruawai, Paparoa, Matakohe areas

Phone number: 09 431 2468
Other phone number: 09 439 2580
Area: Mangawhai, Kaiwaka, Maungaturoto, Ruawai, Paparoa, Matakohe