The WaterBoy Mangawhai

The WaterBoy Mangawhai
Opening/ordering Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am till 5pm
How to Order/Shop:

Available for water delivery

Please if you require water or are booked stay inside when we turn up. No Excuse.

This Goes For Everyone!
Do Not Touch The Tank Lid or Any Thing to Do With The Tank or Surrounding Facility’s ( this includes pumps) that Involve Our Job.

If I Loose My Drivers You Loose Your Water! We Appreciate Your Need To Help But We Cannot Take Any Risks!

We Do Have Kits and Basic Protection Gear for Our Drivers Already but We Will Not Condone The 2 Metre Rule! No Interaction What so Ever!

If You Do Not Require and Forgot To Tell Me, Yell From The Window or Deck

Phone number:
0800 426 269